Charlene McDonnough - Author and Illustrator

Charlene loves people, art, and animals, so becoming an illustrator and author to bring joy to the world came naturally to her. Her children’s books have delighted all ages since 2016. She is currently writing an adult novel to bring her characters to life for another generation to enjoy. She is a veteran, wife, book lover, and librarian, and enjoys art in many forms.

Meet Charlene

Gemma the Sweater Loving Giraffe - by Charlene McDonnough

It’s okay to be different. What makes Gemma different?
Gemma loves to wear sweaters, she wears them everywhere she goes. Her friends Giselle and Marvin and her sister Rose encourage her love of sweaters throughout the year. Gemma goes on many adventures with Giselle and Marvin as the year goes by. Join her as she learns to skydive, fish, paint, and a whole lot more. Gemma loves school and reading and all she dreams about are her friends and the new adventures they will have when they are together. Along with the reader portion join Gemma in adventures of your own as you color in the coloring pages included at the end of the story.

Gemma the Sweater Loving Giraffe World Traveler - by Charlene McDonnough

Gemma loves to play pretend. She has a great group of friends that use their imagination along with her. They pretend to travel around to world to a lot of different countries and along the way they learn a few things too. Gemma even has one real visit as a special surprise. Join Gemma as she matches her sweaters to the flags of places she pretends to visit. Enjoy the coloring and activity pages too.